Vascular Plants are collected within Calhoun County, Florida.
 The Herbarium is located in Blountstown, Florida.

 Plants are listed alphabetically by Family and then Genus and
 Species. Pteridophytes are grouped at the end of the listing.

 All specimens have been formally vouchered at the herbariums of
University of South Florida &/or the Godfrey Museum of Florida
 State University

 Naming conventions are per the Guide to the Vascular Plants of
 Florida, 2nd edition, Richard P. Wunderlin and Bruce F. Hansen,  2003.

 Double asterisks (**) on a specimen label indicate a first vouchered
 record for Calhoun County

 The Map Datum for latitudes and longitudes is WGS 1984.

 All specimens have been mounted by Karen Ranae

See http://www.calhouncountywaspsandflies.org for Hymenoptera
(wasps) and Diptera (flies) of Calhoun County. 

My huge thanks to Dr. Loran Anderson, Professor Emeritus, Florida
State University for his companionship and field work in the development of this web site.

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                                    Coreopsis integrifolia
          Chipola Coreopsis

  Collectors are Travis and Karen MacClendon, volunteers for
  the University of Florida, Calhoun County Natural Resources

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