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             PLANTS OF CALHOUN CO.,

             Carphephorus odoratissimus var. odoratissimus  (J.F.Gmel.) & 
                    Vanillaleaf                                              Native           H. Hebert
       Abe Springs; E. side of Highway 275, opposite Jehue Landing Rd.
       N30.35829  W85.14664
       Sandhill scrub, small field in overgrown planted Pinus.
Erect herb to 1.2 m. Flowers lavender, stems glabrous. Upper 1/3
       cauline leaves entire. Largest basal leaf 45 mm dia. No odor.
       Travis MacClendon #862                                          Locally Common
       w/K. MacClendon                                                                12 Oct 2008

                        CALHOUN COUNTY HERBARIUM